Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Major Stainage = UGHHHH!!!

There is nothing worse than stained nails...ugh! Berry Sweet by OPI Nicole just lost some major points tonight which is quite a disappointment considering I absolutely LOVE the shade and was super excited to have it newly added to my collection. But unfortunately, I dislike the "leftovers".
This pic doesn't show it THAT much but it's pretty bad...I'd say  the worse yet for me. Now the dilemma is..should I paint over it or wait till it comes off? I had a manicure in mind that I was inspired to do from another nail enthusiast but it's a light toned gradient using glitter that is to go on only my tips which means that my bottom half of my nail will be exposed! So, so disappointing...LOL!!!
I wonder if anyone else has this problem from time to time and what others do to help prevent this from happening and how to get rid of it? I'm all for quick fixes so if your reading this and have any suggestions or tips, please help!!! That is all..


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