Saturday, July 28, 2012

Matte Black

This summer is just flying by!  My keiki's (kids) return to school on Monday which means it's back to the hectic schedules.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  This past couple of weeks we've been busy with back to school shopping and trying to cram in last minute family outings.  Today the kids are with their grandma and that means I have time to do a post!!  Yeeeah. 

The main reason to which I started this blog was to get in some me time as well as share my passion with others.  I find it so nice to relax and not be rushed.  I can't tell you enough about how nice change of pace it is.  Nail time!! For some reason I've been in a purplish mood.  Lucky for me, my daughter absolutely LOVES purple and we have a pretty nice collection for me to choose from.  In my last blog, I talked about how I really wanted to try my new black matte polish that I purchased online.  If your a polish fanatic like me, then you'd totally understand it when I talk about purchasing tons of polishes and not getting around to using it.  <<SIGH>>  So today I finally got to use my black matte.

Black in matte

Flair - by Sally Hansen

Liquid Feather - by China Glaze

 I like it!  I especially love how the gloss of the purple and black is against the matte black.  Love.  I'm still infatuated with my leopard print  Three things to mention.  1) I like a little color so I tend to do a lot of my manicures with just my tips only 2) I think I'm getting better with my free handing :D 3) This is a matte polish so that means no top coat :<.  I'm not so sure how long this manicure will last without a top coat and it being vulnerable to dishes, diapers, and laundry...hmmm.  LOL.  Oh wells!

Also worth mentioning, I was able to water marble the neon colors!!  In my previous post I had talked about trying to use all of the neon colors at once in a water marble but it turned out into a fail job.  LOL.  But I didn't give up.  I kept trying and trying and I finally got it.  Pictures in my next post.  Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Neon Fresh

So I wanted to find a way to incorporate all five of the bright neons together in one design.  My first attempt was a water marble:  FAILED.  These colors are too fast drying and could not stay wet long enough to do a design in the water.  I'm not sure if it's this way with all neons...curious to know.  I even tried using just one neon with one of my regular colors that I marble with and it was also a fail.  Too bad!  I think it wouldv'e looked awesome.  So I thought, what better way than to use it on a leopard print.  I love leopard print!!  

This was my vision...

This was my daughter's...

She insisted to use just two of the neon colors.  Her reasoning, "I'm in a yellowish-oranginish mood!"
<<SIGH>>  Inspite of our conflicting visions, I think it came out pretty nice.  She got a lot of compliments on this one =))

 Leopard prints are fun and very versatile when it comes to color choice. I like trying different colors as I know the same ol colors tend to get played out. But I think by adding colors that I wouldn't ordinarily use, makes me fall in love with leopard over and over--again and again. 

I purchased a bottle of black matte last month.  I had seen it on one of my sights and instantly fell in love.  I quickly searched for one on ebay and bought it.  Sooo, here is my upcoming design that I have chosen for my next manicure. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nail Polish Take One..

I love earthy tones:  browns, oranges, yellow, and goldish colors.  This here is one of my newer polishes that I got last month but hadn't had the time to try. It's by OPI: Bronzed To Perfection.  These pictures don't do justice to the deep rich color it really has.  Nonetheless, I love it.

My daughter on the other hand, absolutely LOVES bright colors.  Somehow she swindled me into picking up these.....

They were on sale at our local Walgreens for 99 cents.  <<SIGH>>  :))

From left to right, Sinful Colors Professional:
Dream On, Summer Peach, Pink, Neon Melon, and Irish Green.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


So I have an addiction.  It first started when I was in elementary school and kinda but not so much in high school and then my addiction kinda revved up again after my daughter was born 11 years ago and now it's pretty full fledged.  <<SIGH>>  What makes it worse is that it's everywhere.  All over the Internet, at the store, I could just be walking and I'll spot it out of no where. 

So what's this addiction?  Nails!  More specifically, nail polish. It's so crazy I love it.

Today I needed to pick up some medicine at my local drug store and ended up leaving there with about $40 worth of nail polish.  Ecstatic!!  I'm so excited I can't wait to try it!  Pictures will be posted!!