Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wailoa Park

Taking a break from nails and spending time with my family.
This has been a long weekend for us and unfortunately went by to quickly.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Four Elements Challenge: Earth

This will be the last entry for the Four Elements Challenge and I have to say that this has been great. I'm happy to have been involved with this challenge and I thank Taya at for putting the challenge together. This was my first ever challenge and I hope to continue more in the near future!!
Today's design is based around the element Earth. When I think about Earth I think earthy tones like green and brown colors. I also think of trees and plants and life in general which begins in the soil.
For my manicure, I decided to go way out of the box and literally incorporate soil/dirt into my manicure.
I started with one coat of Jade is the New Black by OPI and then dipped my finger in a container of dirt. To finish, I used a top coat to seal the dirt into my manicure. This was a very messy task but I think it was well worth it. This was done at night so no outside camera shots were taken...maybe I'll get a chance to tomorrow!

Till then, Aloha and thanks for reading!!
The other challengers are below...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Love Purple

So my birthday is coming up this Saturday and tonight I will be going out with a few friends to "celebrate" turning <<gulp>> 31! It's crazy how this year is just flying by. On a brighter note, my kids are looking forward to it (more than I probably because we get to eat cake) and I get to have a girls night out away from motherhood/wifeyhood, AND I get to do or did my nails!

The black I used was Liquid Leather by China Glaze and I Miss You by Sinful Colors.
I love this glitter combo and how it plays in light. Purple is the dominant color but it also sparkles blue, yellow, red, and green too.
Aloha and thanks for reading!



Styled Out by Maybelline

I don't usually wear blue but I allow this color a particular exception.
This is Styled Out by Maybelline.


Here I used just one coat. The coverage was really, really good and it went on super smooth. This picture was taken at night and I think it doesn't capture it's uniquenes but it is this amazing shade of blue with just a touch of silver. Also, this was a last minute shot before I removed it to do another manicure. Really reminds me of denim material. I love it!
Once again, thanks for reading!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Four Elements Challenge: Air

Up in the Clouds
I created a gradient with the blues using three different shades. The first layer, with two coats of Calypso Blue by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and then Blue Goose by Icing (painted on just the tips). Lastly I went over just the tips again with a coat of Yodel Me On My Cell by OPI. For the "clouds" I used I Will by L'oreal. This was a toughy!


Aloha and thanks for reading!


Monday, October 15, 2012

A Lil-Bit-A Jaded

This Jade is the New Black was one of the colors I picked up during my last haul. I love green.
This was a random, very late night manicure that I did while resting after my workout last night. I used just one coat of the Jade is the New Black and it came out pretty opaque. I thought it was a lil too plain so I decided to brush on a quick coat of OPI's black shatter over--kind of a Halloweenish look huh?? I don't know but I like it! Since I am on a NO BUY restriction, I figure it's a good time to try on all my new editions...sigh.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Four Elements Challenge: Water

Living in Hawaii, I am surrounded by water. So I was excited to do this weeks challenge creating a water inspired design. But, after beginning to put my thoughts together on what I wanted to do, I soon realized that capturing the essence of a fluid like this would not be an easy task. Not exactly what I pictured but still fun! Too bad I couldn't get a better photo of these colors...

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tutti Frutti Tonga

I promised myself that I wasn't going to be buying any polish this month but a deal at a salon changed my mind.  The sale was on OPI polish--buy 1 get 2 FREE!!  Now who could resist that?
So I purchased six..well technically two =) I have to say though that I was a little dissapointed with this polish. It didn't paint well; very streaky.  I used three coats to get it opaque. The color is nice though.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Time for a Trim!

I'm still so new to the blog world and as I explore my way around here, I am learning new features as I go.  Someone asked me in a post how they could "follow" me and I wasn't so sure how.  After an hour of searching I finally figured it out and added a follow gadget to my blog.  I feel so accomplished!!  On the same note, I enjoy finding others who enjoy nails and nail polish as much as I do.  I also enjoy looking at different nail designs and techniques.  I am in awe at some of the art that I have come across so far.  Nail art has become a time where I can take a break from my busy life and enjoy time with myself creating pieces of art on my nails...these are the little pleasures that make me happy.  So if your reading this, nice to meet you and welcome to my blog!!
I try to trim my nails down at least once a month.  With the hectic life of mommy, I'm constantly doing "stuff" with my hands and I'm always afraid of breaking a nail.  So tonight I will be giving my fingernails a trim.  ((SIGH))  I never said it was easy.... Goodbye my lovely's...
Aloha!  Thanks for reading...

Sunday, October 7, 2012


UGH!! I had some trouble uploading my pictures but finally figured it out.  I am wayyyy behind on my challenge due date but better late than never huh?  The first design challenge is FIRE and I actually did two designs and had a hard time picking which one I liked the most.  Both were unique but I think I like this first one below a little bit more than the other design(I have the other design towards the end of my post).  I used a wet drag marble technique for this design.  Colors are listed below.


Then my second design....
Here I used a warter marble technique.

If interested, the color pattern I used...
black, red, dark orange, light orange. I basically
just did a swirl starting from the middle and going out.

These were the colors that I used for both designs..

From left to right: I'm Not Really A Waitress by OPI, Black on Black by Sinful Colors, Courtney Orange by Sinful Colors, and Gold Nugget by L.A. Colors.
As always, ALOHA..and thanks for reading!!


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Four Elements

I came across a nail art challenge called The Four Elements and thought it would be fun to join.  During the month of October, challengers will need to create four designs, either through nail art or makeup, depicting the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth.  Click below for more info.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Glitter! Who doesn't like em?

Glitter!  Who doesn't like em?
Initially I just had my tips brushed with the Wooden Shoe Like to Know and then I took a trip to the mall and found this beautiful goldenish glitter polish with a touch of red in it...and fell in love.  While still in the store, I secretly painted over my pinky nail with a light coat and wallllahh!!  LOVE!
Does anyone else do that too?  Try on nail polishes at the store?  I'm totally guilty....
Thanks for reading!!


Well it's been awhile!  In between juggling kids and life, I made sure to keep track of my mani's.  Addicted much?  Yep!!
My current design. 
My first purchase of konad plates were YEARS ago...maybe even eons ago and only now have I begun to really use them.  Probably because you have to have lots of time and no interruptions.  But lately I've been seeing the cutest designs created using plates (and not necessarily from konad) like everywhere!  I just purchased this plate last week and HAD to try it out.  I like it!
Did I mention I'm in love with this lovely green color??

Thanks for stopping in!!