Monday, May 27, 2013

Nail Tattoos Transfer

I saw these at Walmart and had to pick them up. They are suppose to resemble the newspaper transfer technique. Prior to, my attempts with the newspaper technique weren't so successful. Very messy in my opinion and takes lots of patience. When done right, they are worth it though but in my experience, it was difficult to transfer the entire piece and not to mention, I disliked the fact that the words were backwards. With these nail tattoo transfers, it's a little easier to apply, the words appear straight, and the process is fairly quick using just water.

Included are two .34 oz nail polishes and thirty sheets of transfer paper in three different designs: zigzag, words, and road maps.
I initially wanted to do a simple design but of course it turned out into a project. I opted out of using the nail polish that came with the set and used two coats of Loreal's 'Walk on the Beach' instead. I decided to put the word transfers on my ring finger only and my intention was to make it look like a page out of an old book but then as I sponged on the brown, I thought it looked to plain and boring so I added random, irregular pink blots to represent flowers. To top it all off, I finished it with a coat of China Glazes Matte Magic to give it a dull look.   
Overall I liked the transfers and thought it was a great alternative to the newspaper technique. It was inexpensive and not to mention one single sheet is enough to cover 4 of my nails!